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Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Size Fits All with Booklets and Marketing - NOT

It warmed my heart this week to see my colleague, Marcia Yudkin, talk in her Marketing Minute ezine about the need to market based on who your clients and prospects are and how they make their buying choices. Seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? Yet you may lose track of that as you get swept up in the enthusiasm of Internet marketing.

Marcia contrasted the common wisdom of current Internet marketing "squeeze pages" (give me your name and contact info and I'll let you in the door to then sell you what I've got) compared to the longer buying process of committees, considerations, and communication.

It can be tempting to succomb to what can seem easier (note all those wiggle words I purposely included there). The fact is that a large-quantity booklet buyer probably won't be attracted to what has now become an accepted Internet marketing approach, one that works well for a single-copy buyer.

Whether you're marketing booklets or anything else dealing with humans, one size does NOT fit all in your marketing approach.

Until next time,
Paulette - who is amazed that clothing manufacturers still think we believe one size fits all, too

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