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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Many Booklet Prospects, So Little Time

Many booklet authors suffer an embarrassment of riches when it comes to prospective directions to go with their booklet and other information product sales. That was the case with a booklet author I recently spoke to. She created an excellent and lengthy list of directions to go to sell large quantities of her booklet and related info products. The list included companies, associations, websites, retailers, private practitioners, and more.

First we discussed approaching any of the private practitioners through their professional associations instead of individually. That immediately led to talking with people the booklet author knew, to get introductions to the associations and also to companies. The more the booklet author and I talked, the more people came to mind for her to approach, even though we started the conversation with "who do you already know to put at the top of your list to talk to?" It wasn't until we started exploring specific directions did specific names come to mind.

The more we talked, the more the booklet author came up with people -- family members, professional people she had gone to, neighbors, colleagues.

How do you streamline your process, especially when you have many, many directions to go? Sometimes it's a direct route to identify those people you already know, and other times it takes roaming around in your thoughts to be reminded of who those ideal people are. Regardless of how you do it, start capturing names and ideas so you always have a destination in mind no matter how you're feeling at any given moment.

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