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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Booklet Marketing Collaboration at Its Best

The following article is from a colleague and client of mine, Beth Woodward. It exemplifies the point she is making by doing collaborative marketing right here.


When I think of marketing I first look at what makes me sing. I market through my strengths, which promotes a lot of positive energy. For me, collaboration is key along with helping others gain visibility and giving back. Let me give you an example.

One marketing vehicle I chose to use is ‘article collaboration’ across the globe. It is very simple. The first collaboration is swapping articles to benefit your readers through your ezines or blogs. I’ve established guidelines to article submission and you’re welcome to use mine. http://marketingontheplayground.com/articles/Article-Guidelines-2009.pdf

The point is, your article will drive traffic to your website and here begins the 2nd part of the collaboration.

Driving traffic to your website for what? Increasing your database is one good reason and another is to bring visibility to the booklet you want to sell. Here is where the 2nd part of the collaboration is really key. Invite professionals to be a part of your booklet promotion. This is where I have the opportunity to help others gain visibility. At the bottom of your article you have a signature line that leads your reader to your website. Here’s an example.

  • Create a website page with free offers to register in your database.
    See this link.
  • Create a thank-you page with free offers from other professionals when they purchase your booklet.
  • The professionals’ free offers lead to their products, giving them visibility
  • A percentage of the proceeds can go to help an organization you are passionate about. This is the ‘giving back’ portion that I enjoy.

Now, you can also do the opposite. You become one of those professionals donating your booklet to a product sale. You can…

  1. Give your booklet away and use it as a marketing promotion to further your business.
  2. Create a tips sheet on how to make a booklet for your give-away promo. On your thank you page let them know about your booklet. I have combined my thank you page with my sales page for my e-storybook, Marketing Ideas For Women In Business (the guys like it too)

What type of marketing do you enjoy? Bring that up front first and create your marketing steps from there. Article marketing happens to be one of the top ways to build your business.

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Beth Woodward, CPCC, Chief Executive Kid

Marketing On The Playground




Who can be good collaborators for you? Approach them today like Beth Woodward did with me. Look what happens!

Until next time,

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