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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Booklet Authors Teach You About Booklets

One of my newest favorite television programs is called Shark Tank. It's composed of 5 people (4 guys and 1 woman) who review entrepreneurs' business and product ideas to consider investing in them. The investment is money, expertise, and time. It's not just money. I like the show for a number of reasons. The most recent piece of learning I got from it was the outstanding value of having a mentor in someone who has a proven track record in a particular area of business. It went like this.

Two investors (aka "Sharks") jointly made an offer of a certain amount of money and expertise in exchange for a particular percentage of the two business owners' company. A third shark attempted to out-bid the first two with double the amount of money. However, this higher money offer came from someone who had no background at all in the business owners' type of business. While the money was considerably more, the knowledge was not there.

The business owners accepted the deal from the two investors who offered less money and proven knowledge and experience with their type of business. Makes perfect sense to me!

You will now have a similar opportunity to learn from people who have proven knowledge in the booklet business. In fact, you'll have the opportunity to learn from a total of 10 people - 9 others and me - each with our own unique and related experiences. We're not offering to invest in your business for a percentage of it (yet!). However, we each have useful stuff to teach you.

We've each been there and done that. We can and will share our experiences with you.

Get yourself over to Booklet Author Success series right now and sign up for it. It starts a week from today! Even if you can't attend the live sessions, sign up anyway. You'll see why.

Until next time,
Paulette - excited to share these outstanding learning opportunities with you so you succeed, too

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