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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marketing Booklets No Matter What You Believe

Last week a young Mexican husband and wife couple came to my door. They were going door to door handing out their business cards for their cleaning services. None of that is all so unusual. I live 30 minutes from the Mexican border, in a community that definitely hires people to clean homes and businesses. I am about to hire them for a monthly cleaning. After all, I (currently) live alone with one cat who doesn't shed, and am neat by nature. Monthly works fine for me. And the price they quoted me was consistent with what I've paid for the size home I have.

So what's the big deal, and what does this have to do with marketing your booklets? Well, this couple was not the first to ever come to my door seeking new cleaning customers or leave their cleaning company business card stuck in the door. And it's not the first time I've hired people to clean for me.

You are not the first promotional product developer to approach a corporate or association buyer, to companies and associations who have previously bought products like yours.

This couple came at a time I was especially receptive to a new service provider. The person who has done an exceptional job for me is not always available to me since a neighbor of mine needs to bring her from Mexico, and that's only 3-4 times a year. And that person, who I do adore, speaks no English, while I know about 3 words of Spanish.A month ago I might not have been as a receptive, for a range of reasons. This week, I was.

The guy of the couple who came to my door knew English better than his wife, and her English was okay, too. So it would be easier, overall, to do business with this couple since we could communicate well, they live 15 minutes north of me in San Diego county, and have their own transportation.

How easy do you make it for your corporate and association buyers to do business with you?

The couple readily gave me three references for their work, immediately accessed in front of me on their iPhone! I contacted the references. Each one of these references, it turns out, has continuously used the services of this couple for several years in their home and business, including giving the couple the keys to their places. Talk about instant credibility.

What testimonials do you have to readily offer your new clients so they feel comfortable about doing business with you?

Oh, and about this conversation regarding the economy, well, there I am, hiring them right now, and their references continuing utilizing their services. What economy?

You have prospective buyers who want what you have, no matter what the economy is doing. More often than not, the investment in your product is less than other promotional avenues your client might take.

So what conversation are you having with yourself that keeps you from thriving in an area that could be viewed as a commodity, in an economy that some though not everyone is struggling?

This young couple not only got me as a new customer. They got several other people in my world as new customers, too, since I have made referrals to other neighbors and friends about how professionally these two people presented themselves and how well their references stood up.

But hey, there's lots of people cleaning homes and businesses today, and who has money for that anyway? That's a story some could tell.

As for your booklets, what's your next step and where?

Until next time,
Paulette - reminding you that you can and will be right about whatever you believe

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At 7:30 PM, Blogger Mary A. Shafer said...

These are all great points, and so representative of your consistently positive outlook on life in general, Paulette. Always an inspiration.


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