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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who Does Best Selling Their Booklets?

Many people think it's best to write a booklet based on "what's hot." That will typically be topics like money, foot, kids, weight, sex, pets, or trends or items in the recent news. Yes, there is a continuing demand for those topics, no doubt about it. Strange as it may seem, though, there is no guarantee those will sell any better than a booklet on road safety, better blogging, forgiveness, or model railroading as a hobby.

You may wonder how the heck that's possible. It's actually quite simple. When you have expertise in and enthusiasm for a particular subject, it's easier to "get that all over people" than when you are writing about something you believe to be a popular topic where you have no first-hand experience or passion. Your first-hand experience is likely to also include knowledge of resources who would find your booklet useful for their own (promotional) purposes. You've got a leg-up over the people who are purely doing research as an objective exercise to get the job done. You also have contacts, whether direct or several times removed, to reach the decision makers who will buy your booklets.

So the closest thing to a magic bullet in all of this is to write on what you know. Write on what excites you. You're going to find it so much easier to engage people when you do. Then your biggest challenge will be how quickly you can deliver all those booklets they want to buy!

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