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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keeping Your Booklet Business Afloat Without You

One of my favorite weekly ezines is published by www.SpeakerNetNews.com A recent issue had an article in it by a Professional Speaker that was a great reminder worth passing along to you, whether you're a speaker or not. It also reminded me of the years I was a Professional Organizer, and the value of emergency preparedness. Here's the article, in full, for your consideration, no, for your action!


Your business emergency planBill Conerly

A friend who runs a one-person Internet company was in a severe motorcycle accident last month. Intensive care for two weeks, barely able to speak, unable to move one arm, plus lots of internal injuries. No one knew his Web site passwords or his online banking passwords. His wife was not an authorized signer on his business bank account. She didn’t know about quarterly estimated tax payments, and did not know who their accountant is. A network of friends wanted to help keep his business going, but nobody knew how to get started.

I have created an emergency plan, with copies held by wife and my virtual assistant. Key elements include:

  • how to contact my Web site consultant, plus all the passwords
  • bank account information, including name of the branch manager who knows me personally
  • speaker friends who can explain business issues, including Act database questions
  • voicemail password
  • files of upcoming speeches and client contact information
  • other speakers I recommend to substitute for me, and their contact information
  • bookkeeping files: where I keep unpaid bills, invoices outstanding, and a person who can help with QuickBooks
  • business insurance information

I also stay off motorcycles.


Until next time,
Paulette - who is updating and expanding a list like this that was started years ago

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