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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Booklets - The Same Yet Different

You may know about Help a Reporter Out (HARO) created by Peter Shankman just over a year ago. It's a free 3-times-daily notice in your inbox of journalists and bloggers looking for people to interview about specific topics. As Peter is fond of saying, he started HARO as a hobby, and within the year it's grown into zillions of subscribers plus usually a single advertiser for each issue. So he's now making some serious money with it, too. You can subscribe to it at http://www.HelpAReporter.com

Then a couple weeks ago, Cathy Stucker launched something similar to what Peter does with HARO. Cathy's service is for bloggers looking for guest bloggers and to be a guest blogger on other people's blog. Same format as what Peter is doing with HARO. You can sign up for Cathy's at http://BloggerLinkUp.com/

Today I read about yet one more version of the same thing, though this time for radio shows and podcasts. You can sign up for it at http://www.RadioGuestList.com

I bring you these three resources for a couple reasons.
  • They are easy and cost-free ways to promote yourself and your business
  • They are excellent examples of taking a successful model and tweaking it.
You may have done that with my booklet. You saw something that was known to be successful and you tweaked yours in some way for your market, business, personality, or something else.

Notice what's around you to make your own success easier, faster, and less expensive in time and money.

Until next time,
Paulette - fascinated by the creative mind that prompts action for the greater good

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