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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Where and How You Learn

Last week in New York, I taught three workshops and I learned from each of them. Some of that happened simultaneously, in fact, since my audiences and clients are always teaching me stuff I had no reason to know before they shared their knowledge. You may be like me, that your best learning is not necessarily in formal situations or when something is intended as a learning experience. I'll hear a phrase that someone uses to identify something, and realize it's the perfect label. That's how Collection of Experts got its name. Or someone will ask for the Word document format of a Collection of Experts so they can go sell it on mobile hand-held devices like the Kindle or Sony Reader or Moby Reader, all of which I basically know nothing about.

I heard a particular colleague speak last week for the umpteenth time. I always learn something new from him, no matter how many times I hear him speak or read anything he writes. After all, how could I possibly learn all that he has to share when I hear him an hour at a time in classes, or read articles or his book. There is always more.

Next time you worry about giving away all your knowledge in your tips booklet, think about the reality of that, would you? Is it really possible to share everything you know in a tips booklet? No, of course it isn't. Your people will learn something from you every single time they have contact with you in any format you present your knowledge.

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