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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Important Tools for Booklet Authors

Depending on your personality style, you're drawn to particular methods of promotion and sales for your booklets. Email and the Internet have presented easy, endless, and economical possibilities to reach a broader audience of targeted decision makers. That's become so much the case that now the very "yesterday" approaches have turned into the more effective ways. Here's two cases in point, from among the many possibilities you can consider or re-consider:

* Telephone - when someone emails a question or comment to me about booklets, and their phone number or website address is in that email, my immediate reaction is to pick up the phone and call them. This has brought more sales and loyal followers than I can tell you. First, it shocks the living daylights out of them that I called, especially when the call was 2 seconds after they hit "send" on that email. The call personalizes the interaction and allows us to explore what it is that best suits their want at that time. Sales often happen, either immediately or sometime later.

* Face to Face
<> Workshops and seminars, either as an attendee or as a speaker, allow an interaction that's even better than telephone sometimes. People are there because of their interest in the event, which says something right away. And they paid something to be there, even if it was connected to the transportation.

<> Add food or drink into the mix and it makes the connection stronger. You also have the opportunity to show and tell with booklet samples in hand.

<>Formal in-person presentations to large quantity decision makers, without food or seminar involved are also warranted at times. You've probably done these, as have I. The conversation usually starts by phone or a face to face somewhere and moves on to the formal meeting.

<>And then there are the endless number of networking groups, which require great focus to accomplish the outcome you want.

While I love email and the Internet, and I'm likely to keep those as a mainstay of my marketing, it makes no sense to ignore the results that come and will always come from that more personalized one on one approach. Pick up the phone and see what happens for yourself!

Until next time,
Paulette - noticing how the old becomes new again

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At 12:20 PM, Blogger JoAnn said...

Oh how funny! I emailed Paulette this morning for the first time with a quick question and low and behold I got a phone call from her! I was sooo impressed by the personal touch.

Then decided to check out her blog...and what did I find her comment about calling people direct. I'm here to tell ya...she DOES practice what she preaches.

This is refreshing in the business marketplace.

Thanks Paulette! Your awesome!
JoAnn Corley

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Paulette Ensign said...


Busted I am! Yes, I will often opt for picking the phone up when I can find a phone number. That happens most easily when someone includes their number in the signature file of their email. It's really so easy to distinguish oneself with such a simple act, isn't it? Thanks for the kudos. Looking forward to traveling more of the journey together with you.



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