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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Booklets - Small Size, Huge Impact on Business

Many people have some level of interest in booklets. The interest level goes from ambivalence to over-the-top enthusiasm, and everything in between. The part that is often overlooked is the direct impact the booklets have on your business and on your clients' business. You'll be seeing more emphasis on this in weeks to come because that's really what this booklet phenom is all about and it's time to reinforce that.

So, for your business, the impact on your bottom line is both direct and indirect. Here's a few thoughts to jog your imagination some.

  • Sell booklets, one at a time, to people who hear you speak or want to know more about your business.
  • Sell booklets, many at a time, to companies who want to use them to promote their business.
  • Sell booklets, many at a time, to associations who want to use them as a member benefit or as an income generation for their group.
  • Sell rights to websites to use your booklet to drive more traffic and sales to their site.
  • Sell rights to companies, associations, and websites to have a different language version to use as a promotional tool.
  • Position yourself as an expert so people will want to hire you as a speaker, trainer, consultant.
  • Help yourself build a platform for future sales of your products and/or services.
  • Allow you to donate a product for general publicity and good will.
Writing a booklet is the easy part of this, even if you view yourself as a non-writer. There are formulas to follow that make it do-able for even the most writing-challenged booklet author.

The most important part of this is not the size of the finished product or the small amount of time it took to write the booklet (compared to a book) or the small financial investment to get the booklet produced. The most important part is the impact the product has on your business' bottom line. That is huge.

Until next time,
Paulette - reminding you that small booklets have a huge impact on your bottom line

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