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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Booklets - Where Do You Start Writing and Marketing?

Do you start your booklet prompted by what you determine as a need in the market place that you fill? Or do you start with expertise that you have, expecting to find buyers for it? Or is it a combination of both?

The reality is that it doesn't matter which of the above scenarios you choose. You can meet with challenges and meet with successes with each one of these approaches.

If you are a professional writer as your primary business, and do research as a way of life, you are likely to be prompted by what you see as a demand to fill. Your decision won't necessarily be driven by a passion about a particular topic as the motivating force for you to market what you've got.

You could be starting from the other end of the equation, with knowledge that you'll share with anyone, anytime, without being asked. And you want to get it all over everyone. You will succeed with that kind of enthusiasm, regardless of your topic. You want to write many booklets and put your information into other formats, to get your message as far as you can possibly reach.

And yes, in a perfect world, what your booklet is about is information that's in great demand, by buyers you can easily find and who easily find you.

The bottom line is that it really turns out not to matter where you start or what your motivation in writing tips booklets. There truly is a market for you.

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