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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Booklet Authors Who Are Thriving

The age-old, almost trite phrase of being a "solution provider" is the key element for those booklet authors who are thriving right now. They see a challenge and identify one or more ways they can provide a solution.

Identifying solutions is not enough. You can sit in your office or the local coffee shop and be brilliant all day long, coming up with one excellent solution after another. It's useless to you and to those who struggle with the challenge unless you somehow connect with them. They need to know you're there and that you've got what will be helpful to them.

You may be noticing a surge of articles, teleclasses, and interviews being promoted by many coaches, consultants, speakers, and small business owners. They, like you, know that marketing and promotion must happen all the time. And it's also no one mechanism that works, rather a combination of several approaches, depending on what is most comfortable for you.

It's no coincidence that the service we offer at www.CollectionOfExperts.com is increasingly appealing right now. It's a product and a marketing tool that takes 10 minutes of your time, distinguishes you from among the crowd, and has 13 other people marketing you! One booklet that still has a couple spaces left in it is "Thrive in Business in Any Economy - Tips from a Collection of Experts." This booklet will most likely be filled by Monday. There's a space in that booklet with your name on it!

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