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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'll Start Marketing in April

The title of this post is a comment made this week by a new booklet author who already has a strong background in sales. Not only did the comment catch my ear and stop my in my tracks, well, I just couldn't help myself from jumping all over that one, and bringing it here to share with you.

Whether you've started your first booklet or have a dozen of them completed, marketing is an ongoing event before you've written a single word. The bigger issue here is what you define as marketing.

Many people think of marketing as much more complicated and formal than it has to be. When you are telling a friend or colleague about your booklet that you are planning, have started, or completed, you are marketing. When you post a Tweet on Twitter, you are marketing. When you post an article you wrote on your topic onto a site like www.EzineArticles.com , you are marketing. When you are a guest on someone's teleclass, you're marketing. Yes, there are more complex methods, no question about that. However, if that's what's stopping you, think again.

Think about what you can do on any kind of regular basis to get the word out about your work, in ways that take you minimal time and effort. John Kremer of "1001 Ways to Market Your Book" fame, talks about a matrix of 5. He suggests doing 5 things every day to market your book, booklet, and your business. Those 5 things can be modified to 3 if that's more realistic for you, or doing a certain number of things a certain number of days of the week. Just do something!

By the end of the conversation with the new booklet author, there was a different song I heard, as the declaration shifted to "I'm going to start marketing right away." Yes, that's more like it.

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