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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Booklet Publicity Forever

Marketing and publicity are really ways of spreading around the love you have for your topic. Some people view that as a burden on their schedule or their personality, thinking it's a skill they don't have. Is that you? Do you have an opinion about marketing that holds you back?

How would you feel about the idea of having a conversation with a friend or family member about what you wrote or are planning to write in your booklet? Would you feel the same way as you do about the concepts of marketing and publicity? I'm guessing not. Ok, not every friend or family member gives a flying whatever about your topic, I do understand that. I've got a few of those folks in my world, too. What about the ones who do? You know, the ones who are excited, impressed, even a little envious of you for doing what you are doing or planning to do. Those are the people who want to hear all about it.

Let me break it to you gently -- talking with that, well, that's marketing and publicity. You're having a conversation that shares your enthusiasm about your expertise. You can make it more complicated than that if you want to, and if that serves you in some way. And you have no clue who those friends and family members know who can become clients of yours, because your friends and family extended your enthusiasm to the people they know.

For me, annnnnny time someone wants to interview me or include any part of my story in what they are doing, my answer is always a resounding YES! And the fact that I keep showing up in so many places and for all this time makes it that much easier for people to feel comfortable buying products and services from me, and asking me to be part of what they are doing. This is not rocket science, I promise you. I even did a quasi-political move a month or so ago as I brought the topic to what I wanted to talk about, starting where the person interviewing me wanted to start. Yes, that's completely do-able when you're clear in your intention. It goes something like "Yes, that's very interesting and important, and this [insert your topic] is something else I know our listeners will find useful..."

Early this week, a booklet author client of mine, Pam Perry of MinistryMarketingSolutions.com put the general word out that she wanted guests to interview for her Internet radio show. Well, absotively, posolutely, count me in, when? For your listening pleasure, here's the link for you to hear how it went. Pam enthusiastically talks about how her booklet involvement has been a positive influence for her business, too.


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