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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tips Booklet - It's In Your Computer

A new client phoned the other day to place an order, saying she realized she was unlikely to ever get around to writing a book, and that she remembered that a booklet could be the ideal option for her. While justifying this all to me, she said "It's all in my computer, I know it is. Everything I want to write about. It's all in my computer."

Knowing her background, I assured her she was 100% correct in what she was saying, as she then proceeded to invest in a number of our products and services to guide her journey. She was especially eager on two levels. The first was prompted by her awareness that she could very quickly accomplish what she wanted to in having one or more publications out into the world. The other was that she wanted to lock in the current prices before everything jumps up at the first of the year!

She is obviously an intelligent person. And so are you. What do you already have in your computer that is screaming to be converted to tips booklets and other information products?
The world wants what you've got!

Until next time,
Paulette - who did just say that all prices at www.tipsbooklets.com will be increasing at the first of the year. You can lock in current prices now.

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At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Rhea said...

Hi, you invited me over. Well, not me, exactly. But here I am. I am trying to get into Twitter right now.

At 1:19 PM, Blogger Paulette Ensign said...

Glad to see you, Rhea. Funny you mention about trying to get into Twitter. First of all, I love Twitter, for as much as anyone can "love" technology :-) However, I've seen it get overloaded and not be accessible every so often. Reminds me of the old days in mid-90's when chat rooms filled to capacity and it was necessary to wait to get in!

Thanks for stopping by.


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