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Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's the Value of a Booklet?

A tips booklet author asked for input today about assigning a value to a booklet. Not a price, per se, but a value. The author is participating in a joint venture where the booklet would be a gift. The originator of the venture wanted to assign a dollar value to this gift.

The author and I were both in a quandary, and really came to no conclusive answer. Value is such a subjective thing. Over the years, tips booklet authors have sold single copies of their booklet for as little as $1 and as much as $29 and more. Yes, the same size tips booklet, too.

The variation comes from several things. Here are just a few:

* How proprietary the content
* The self-esteem of the author
* The expectation within a particular industry
* What else accompanies the booklet

And that list is far from exhaustive.

Then there's the matter of, quite literally, what the content contributes to someone's life. One tip may have saved someone money or provided an idea to make them more money. One tip could have been information that saved a life or improved the quality of a life. These are certainly not extreme examples, either.

In the days when I was a professional organizer, it was often a challenge for a corporate executive or a business owner to feel comfortable spending a lot of money to bring in a professional organizer to set up a well-running filing system. It's amazing how the point of view changed because that same executive was able to find the single piece of paper that had the crucial details of a major deal, because the filing system worked well!

So what's the value of a tips booklet? To borrow the phrase from Mastercard, "priceless."

Until next time,
Paulette - pondering the possibilities

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