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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marketing and Selling Your Booklet

Marketing and publicizing your booklet are important. That's when you let the world know what you've got. In my opinion, selling your booklet is more important. That's when you let the world know what you've got, how it can benefit them, and receive money for your product.

Marketing and publicity are usually difficult to quantify as to what turns into sales. You can have the best media positioning in the world (i.e. front page mention in the NY Times or a slot on Oprah) and sell very little or nothing. Yes, that's completely possible.

Or you can have an email exchange or 15-minute phone conversation with a corporate marketing director and make a sale of 25,000 copies of your booklet, with each copy also marketing and promoting you in the process.

Which would you rather do?

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At 8:59 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Booklets can be the source for inspiration, guidance, expert knowledge and advice that result in publicity and word of mouth as well as any book or other intellectual property.

The media often doesn't care about the product as much as the number of people in their audience who will be interested in the content, and what value the ideas have for that audience.

Helping the people you can help the most is the best way to brand yourself professionally.

It's also important to strategically and syustematically contact the people and media online and offline that can help you spread the word.

I just posted a new article all about marketing and publicizing online at my blog.

Here's the link:



Paul J. Krupin - Direct Contact PR

Reach the Right Media in the Right Market with the Right Message

http://www.DirectContactPR.com Paul@DirectContactPR.com

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At 12:39 PM, Blogger Paulette Ensign said...


Thanks so much for jumping in here. You are and will always be one of my most favorite media resource people on the planet.

I've certainly benefited over the years from sales that came from publicity. What prompted me to make this initial post was recent interaction with a book author who had tons and tons of great reviews and publicity about his excellent book, yet was making no real amount of sales. While the exposure is wonderful, sales are better :-)

Your thoughts?

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