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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ready When Ready

Notice: "Amazing Grasp of the Obvious" alert --

I just spent a lovely 4-day weekend in Boulder, Colorado visiting some of my family. Now my family knows I've been doing something with booklets for a long time. And my middle sister and her husband are of above-average intelligence, in addition to being married to each other for a very long time. Certain career and health matters have changed in their individual and collective lives in the past few years. I found myself prompted to suggest to each of them that they have the opportunity and knowledge (if not the need) to consider other ways of leveraging their knowledge and interests into information products, possibly starting with tips booklets. I had separate conversations with them because they have different bodies of knowledge, different motivations, and different personalities.

Then I watched the light go on for each of them, with guarded optimism that at least some of what I was suggesting might just be the ideal next step. They have each been involved in their separate careers for many years, so what I was saying was very new stuff for them. To their credit, they were open to having the conversation with me. Both of them tend to ponder things before jumping in, and that's fine since they usually eventually take action.

So what was the amazing grasp of the obvious part? Well, as I see, there's two things that qualify for that.

1. They each have a substantial body of knowledge that they never considered to be something they could leverage for their various wants and needs of satisfaction and income.

2. I have a substantial body of knowledge and experience that could be useful to them, which they never considered before now.

Amazing what happens when people talk to each other and are open to whatever outcomes show up!

Until next time,
Paulette - very pleased by the recent family experience and eager to see where it goes
www.PublishingProsperity.com - new birth

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