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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Digital Booklets and Everything Else - China?

Chris Knight, owner of one of my favorite sites, EzineArticles.com ,was recently in Beijing to deliver a keynote speech at a private event. It was his first trip to China. One of the many comments he put on Twitter.com while he was traveling struck me as a major opportunity:

“Guy here in China said that if you order a book online, means someone drops a physical book off at your house. PDF/MP3 delivery mrkt yet 2 b.”

Did you catch that last part? It’s that last part that is hugely fascinating to those of us in the information products market. Regardless of what your opinions are about products made in China, look at what a gigantic opportunity it is to sell TO people in China.

I don't know why digital products have yet to reach that audience, whether it has something to do with the kind of online connections most common in the country (are most folks there on cell phone technology rather than land lines, and does that matter?) or are there are reasons? Given the size of the population and this untapped market, it's sure captured my attention to watch for ways to get there with the wealth of digitally delivered products my own company and my clients are producing.

What about you?

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