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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Making it Easy

A theme has shown up this week worth sharing with you. It's been about how easy it is (or isn't) to do business with a company, and the results that come from that ease or lack of same, whether it's the booklet business or any other kind of business, large, small, or in-between.

I watched someone go from "I don't have time for that" to "Let's do it" within a matter of minutes this week when she realized how easy I was making it for her to participate as an organizer of a Collection of Experts booklet. And within a few short hours, the orders started coming in to my office for people who want to be in that booklet.

At least 3 other people went through a similar process in some part of my business this week. Either they didn't want to do an online credit card transaction or they weren't sure how something connected with something else. And the last one was about a promotional interview, where I offered more than the person requested, and had it in his email inbox while we were still on the phone.

The rewards kept showing up each and every time. And these people all know they will get similar treatment moving forward with me.

The flip side of that is the stress involved in dealing with a particular vendor right now. It will take me a whole lot of effort to identify and move my that piece of business activity to a new resource. However, with each passing day, I am getting experiencing more reasons to create the time to do just that.

It was very different when I ordered some product from another vendor, who ended the phone call with "You can now scratch that off your to-do list for today. We've got it all handled for you." Yes, he was completely right about that.

How easy are you making it to do business with you? While my inclination is frequently to streamline things and have people be as self-sufficient as possible, these have been important reminders to me that we are people, first and foremost. As humans, that extra touch, the extra care is, indeed, rewarded many times over and well worth it. I know how much I enjoy it when someone goes the extra mile. Now I invite you to do the same.

Until next time,
Paulette - grateful for the reminders
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At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Anne Wayman said...

Love it when it's easy, and usually there's no good reason why it should be difficult.

Thanks for reminding me.

Anne Wayman, now blogging at www.aboutfreelancewriting.com


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