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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tips Booklet versus Booklet

Do a Google search on the word "booklet" and then do a Google search on "tips booklet" and see the difference of what comes up. And do each as both singular and plural, too. Yes, there are various forms of booklets out there. It's important for you to determine which type you'd like to create, and how you'd like to be found. All booklets are not created equally. Far from it, in fact. And they can and do serve different purposes.

Tips booklets are the ideal "how-to" for situations and learning styles that demand quick answers to real challenges. They are best for personalities and learning styles that are very bottom-line oriented. A more narrative and more fully illustrated booklet can be useful for people and circumstances requiring more explanation, more process, more "make-nice."

There's no reason you can't create both types of booklets and see which one has greater demand in your market, and which style you prefer to do.

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