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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Foreign Rights for Your Content

Granting rights to use your content to individuals and companies outside your own country can seem like some kind of magic to you. Not only have I done it myself several times, there's lots of people I know who do it all the time, in both the native language of the author and into other languages than it was originally produced, and both within and outside your own country.

Besides English, my tips booklet is in Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. It has also been reviewed by publishers in many other languages for possible licensing that has yet to happen. The booklet was represented at the annual huge Frankfurt Book Fair a couple of years by Bob Erdmann, the person who will be the Expert Interview for February for www.PublishingProsperity.com

It's really a natural for extending your revenue stream and your reach, for leveraging your content into directions and formats you may never have considered. Right now I am in discussion with someone in Italy who attended a marketing bootcamp I attended in southern California in December. As soon as I heard she was from Italy, I introduced the possibility to her of being an intermediary for licensing deals in Italy. She has already spoken with a few contacts, and we'll see where this goes. The first Italian licensing deal I had was in 1994 when I approached someone online who posted an introduction about his marketing company.

Take advantage of two resources to leverage your content into other languages by attending the Expert Interview with Bob Erdmann on February 5 and by getting the How to License Your Booklet for Huge Profits.

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At 6:49 PM, Anonymous sandra said...

Wasn't sure where to put this post. But you asked how can I use facebook. Here's my suggestion: turn your facebook into a scrapbook of the events you host. Put pictures of you and people from your seminars. You can load up the title of some of the booklets made. You can keep a log of your seminars. Although Facebook is time consuming, I found that you can integrate your twitter posts into the facebook so when you twitter it reaches both facebook friends and twitter.As you do seminars give your customers your different social media addresses and encourage those of your customers who use facebook to send pictures, special things that have happened, testimonials, maybe 5 tips from their books with links to their website. In essence, facebook becomes like a cafeteria where you and your special friends can hang out and where you can share your pictures and experiences. I have found that there are still alot of people in related groups on facebook(such as writing groups) which need to know you exist. Short of these suggestions, or more than these suggestions, set up a Booklet Marketing group on facebook.
In sum, all of these social media outlets feed into each other. Since each one has different members you can't afford to drop one.
The fairy angel, Sandra

At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for your suggestions. I truly appreciate them, and will give it some thought. Yes, very time-consuming, for sure. Could be ideal for a Virtual Assistant to do though. We'll see.



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