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Monday, January 12, 2009

Booklets, Time, and Social Networking

The light bulb went on today as I was posting yet one more tweet on Twitter, thinking, again, how perfectly suited Twitter is to my personality of getting in, getting out, and getting something done, all just like that.

You can accomplish lots of things at once by posting a tip from your expertise onto Twitter. Here's a few:
  • You develop a credible presence in the Twitter world
  • You are being helpful, which is always appreciated
  • You are giving information first, marketing second
  • You are, indeed, marketing your business
  • You're writing your tips booklet one tip at a time
So next time you find yourself in a circular conversation with yourself or someone else about how you don't have time to do social networking and/or don't have time to write a booklet, this suggestion just cut your time in half. Scratch THAT excuse! You really can't take up much time or space writing a tip on Twitter since you're limited to 140 characters (not words, but characters.) And you probably know that I'm very fond of doing more than one thing at a time when it looks like you're only doing one thing at a time.

Are you following me yet on Twitter? This is one of the easiest points of entry into the world of social networking as far as I'm concerned. It's fun while getting things done. Come see for yourself.

Until next time,
Paulette - doing lots of connecting (and biz!) on Twitter

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