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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Can

Today many write about aspects of the history-making events in Washington, DC as our new president has been sworn into office. I am among the ecstatic over the whole thing, for an almost-endless number of reasons.

For purposes of this particular blog post, the focus is confidence. Obama operates from a place of gracious confidence, in the face of so many hurdles, so many reasons why it won't work. He is far from being a fool. Every step of the way, he has said "yes we can." Each of those three words is crucial. The positive and inclusive statement says it all.

It takes more than one for each of us to accomplish what is ours to do. It is up to us to do the part that is ours to do.

Look at what he and the people around him have accomplished in the past 2+ years, for the greater good of many. In fact, many more years than the 2+ the public knows. Look at your own life, your own people around you, the things you perceive as hurdles, the knowledge you have to share with people, the reward that is yours for doing so.

Together, yes we can.

Until next time,
Paulette - who remembers the 60's all too well and is so excited about today and the future

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