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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Great Time for Testing Ideas - with Others

Yes, I know I just wrote about this, and it bears repeating, so I am! :-)

This is a fabulous time to open conversations with individuals and companies to do joint ventures and cross marketing. As you know, it's a hardly a new concept. You bring something to someone else in complimentary business that they promote to their current/past/future clients, which has the ability to bring the joint venture partner more business in the process, while promoting you. That's the best of all possible worlds.

There are times the people you approach just won't get it. After a reasonable explanation from you, if they still don't see the benefit to them, thank them and move on. There's so many more people and organizations who will be delighted to work and play with you.

Sometimes this is seen as affiliate marketing since the Internet has latched onto it. And affiliate marketing, by the way, is really little more than the formerly-labeled "commissioned sales," paying a commission to whomever sold something once it's been sold.

Look around your online and offline world to see who a likely joint venture partner for you could be. Everyone has to benefit from the arrangement, or no one benefits. Tips booklets have been positioned as a incentive for people to make a purchase, or as a bonus added to something else -- among primary ways of selling booklets in bulk. And bonuses have been given by a business owner when someone brings in the purchase receipt from some joint venture partner as another way to go about this. "Provide the receipt from purchasing this book, and we'll give you a free ticket to our seminar" or "Bring your ticket stub from the basketball game [that we sponsored] and we'll give you a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast."

The possibilities are truly endless for joint venturing with other people and businesses right now. What ideas do YOU have? Leave your comments below so we can bounce them around some and increase your successes.

Until next time,
Paulette - who has launched some recent joint ventures and will be doing many more this year and beyond.

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