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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Booklets - Now, Soon, or Later

While you and I each have our own pace and natural rhythm, it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that the people who thrive are the ones who jump right in and then make whatever course corrections are necessary as they go. You may be a person who does that. You get an idea about a topic for a booklet or a particular prospect or a certain market, and you go after it. You may not have the entire picture in your mind, complete with every detail. Yet you put it in forward motion and find out what you need to know along the way. Yes, there may be some potholes along the way. Those are often better to deal with than still being back at the starting line, thinking you need to know every detail before you can even begin.

If you are someone who feels it's crucial to have all your ducks in a row before you can do anything, there will be and already have been many opportunities that pass you by. While no one can take advantage of all the possibilities, you are assuring yourself of enjoying none of them until and unless you get started.

The stories you are telling yourself about why you must wait are just that -- stories. Jump in and experience the success of creating your product, the success of bringing your product to those who can benefit from what you have, and the success of financial rewards. Today is the day to do that, not soon or later.

Until next time,
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