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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another Audio Product to Increase Booklet Sales

There was a suggestion in last week's www.SpeakerNetNews.com excellent ezine, offered by a subscriber, Rita Emmett. Her idea makes perfect sense to pass along to you. While she references books, the very same applies to booklets. Here is her post, in its entirety.


If you want to increase your product sales on your site or in the back of the room [as a speaker], make CDs NOT ONLY of you reading your book, but also one or more of you talking about the material in your book. What it means to you, additional examples, reactions of people who read it. Sort of an expansion of the book material.
If you don’t yet have a book, make a CD talking about one of your topics. This is different from a CD of you giving a talk. Not better, just a different CD. More intimate. Have someone interview you — it improves the energy. Prepare questions for them to ask you.

It will cost only a dollar or two to burn copies, and you can sell them for $10 or $15 or more. OR offer your book plus a $15 CD for only an additional $8. You will sell tons of books this way. Everyone loves a bargain.


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