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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Importance of Booklets or Paying Good Money Not to Listen

There's been some Tweets on Twitter lately by some people whom I regard highly. They talked about their amazement that clients paid them good money (a lot, in both cases) to talk more than listen during the consulting time, and then didn't implement the tried and tested wisdom the consultant imparted. Yes, it's hugely frustrating for the consultant. I can personally attest to that.

At least two things came to me out of the observation of those comments:

1. Products like tips booklets and other information products are the ideal format of knowledge for those people who would rather talk than listen.

2. The consulting price needs to be even higher to attract the people who truly value what the consultant is sharing and who will do more listening than talking.

Now, those two numbered points above are far from absolute. However, they become good starting points, don't you think? Remember, there's a place here for your comments below.

Until next time,
Paulette - who appreciated the confirmation from those two colleagues

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