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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Licensing Your Booklet to Web-Centric Companies

Imagine a sale done completely online, with no product inventory, nothing to ship, no check to deposit, at 100% profit since there is no cost of goods, and not a word spoken out loud between you and the buyer. The whole thing, all online. It is not only possible. It happens every day. And you have the ability to enjoy such experiences for yourself, just as I have.

There are more opportunities than ever before to license your booklet to companies whose business is largely online through their website. The PDF of your booklet can be offered in many of the same ways that a printed hard copy would be in the offline world. Here are a few of the many ways it can be positioned by the website owner to prompt more traffic and more sales:

* Gift with any purchase
* Thank you for subscribing to your newsletter
* Thank you for a referral - to an affiliate, for instance
* Gift for completing a survey or questionnaire
* Gift for opening a new account, buying a specific product, spending a certain amount
* Gift for the first X number of people who send feedback

Are you wondering what sites to approach, how to approach them, and how to structure the financial arrangements? Every deal is different. I have yet to see two licensing deals structured or charged the same because of the variables from one company to the next.

You can identify sites to approach based on your topic, your most favorite, or a Google search on relevant key words. You can also subscribe to a free newsletter I've been getting for ages called the Internet Retailer. It has great info in it about the business side of many large websites, just in case you run out of ideas!

Oh, and when you're ready to do some business licensing your booklet, you'll definitely want How to License Your Booklet for HUGE Profits

Until next time,
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