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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Booklet Affiliates Promote Without Own Website

An email arrived today from a tipsbooklets.com enthusiast asking how to promote an affiliate link to our site(s) without having her own website. It occurred to me that whether my affiliates have their own website or not, there are many ways to distribute an affiliate link anyway, ideas that may be useful to you in expanding your overall reach and bottom line.

So here are some places, in no particular order, to circulate that link so you get exposure and make money in the process, whether you have your own products or website, or not. You may want to use free services like www.tinyurl.com or www.budurl.com or www.snipurl.com to shorten the link as well as to "cloak" it so people won't cut off the affiliate identification and go directly to the site, leaving you out of the loop.

  1. Twitter.com - as a recommendation to a resource you suggest
  2. Facebook.com - also as a recommendation to a resource you suggest
  3. EzineArticles.com - write your own article, including the affiliate link in the resource box at the end, or grab one of my many articles from that site and replace your affiliate link where my URL is. Just be sure you keep my name and copyright as the author of my articles!
  4. SelfGrowth.com - same idea as EzineArticles.com
  5. Signature file of your outgoing emails
  6. Your blog or responses on other people's blogs/discussion forums - be careful about their rules. Some places prohibit affiliate links and others don't care.
These are specific suggestions that are also intended to get you thinking. Obviously there are many more social networking sites and article directory sites than those listed here.

Thanks to the person who posed the question today. It makes the point that it's now more possible than ever to do tons of promotion and sales with minimal cost of time or money. I'm very much looking forward to sending out commission payments to any and all who earn them.

If you're not an affiliate of my company yet, you can remedy that immediately by going to
http://www.tipsbooklets.com/?page=become_an_affiliate_of_tpi.html and signing up now.

Until next time,
Paulette - grateful to be reminded of some basics that can be easy to overlook

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