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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Speakers Promoting Quantity Sales of Publications

One of my favorite weekly ezines comes every Friday from the folks at www.SpeakerNetNews.com You don't need to be a speaker to subscribe. Many speakers write, and many writers speak. While they often talk about books, those same ideas usually apply to booklets and other information product formats, too! Here are two that were in last Friday's issue, with their contributors noted.

Shep Hyken

About two months before publication of my new book, I sent a PDF of the first several chapters (from the galley copy) and an order form to my past clients as well as prospects we have a good relationship with. I offered to send a full PDF or a hard copy if they preferred. I was pleasantly surprised with several large-quantity orders, ranging from 50-200 copies. This emailing also generated conversations that may lead to more orders as well as bookings.

Jane Atkinson

With every speaking contract that goes out, a book should be included with a mention of “audience take-home or turndown gifts” in the cover letter (and volume pricing). By mentioning an “autograph session” following your event vs. a “book signing” you raise your level of celebrity and the client will appreciate the fact that you are willing to spend more time with their group.


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