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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Booklets Reach More Digital Deliveries

A participant in one of the www.CollectionOfExperts.com booklets contacted me to ask for her booklet as a Word document. Usually that would not be something I'd provide since it was already designed by our graphic designer, and a Word doc is vulnerable to all manner of unintended changes.

When the participant told me what was behind her request, I immediately obliged. This is what she wrote me:

I am working on publishing (selling) the tips book in multiple formats.
Sony Reader (LRF)
Kindle (.mobi)
Palm Doc (PDB)

Here is my issue, I have to upload the book as a Word doc , it’s then processed and sold in various formats, not offered as a Word doc. Can/will you supply a word doc?

This is the first request or mention of its kind with anyone participating in www.CollectionOfExperts.com booklets. Don't you just love it when a client teaches you something that is perfect to pass along for everyone else's benefit?

Yet one more way your involvement in a www.CollectionOfExperts.com booklet can benefit you and the other 13 people in your booklet.

There is one with 2 slots still available - Thrive in Business in Any Economy. Does that slot have your name on it?

Until next time,
Paulette - appreciative of my clients and their ingenuity

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