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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tips Booklets Business - from the Outside Looking In

Talking with one of my mentors this morning, Adam Urbanksi, he drove home a point that was important to hear. Adam has known of my tips booklets work for years before we ever met this past December. During today's monthly laser consulting session that's part of the year-long mentoring program I'm doing with him, I asked him, point blank, what he would say to describe my business. After a slight pause to gather his thoughts, he said he's always known me as the tips booklets person, and that no one could touch me on that niche, and that lately, making reference to "information products" instead of only tips booklets may be diluting the strength of my brand.

He addressed something I'd been wondering for awhile, in fact. Had I fallen prey to trying to be all things to all people, losing my edge in the process? Of course that's the last thing in the world I'd want right now, since it's taken a steady 18 years to become the Booklet Queen and I'm not ready to shift gears into a different business yet. There's still so much more to do with tips booklets. He gave me some excellent suggestions about some things to do to keep that brand strong. You'll be seeing signs of his input shortly.

What Adam accomplished with me in that short time on the phone today is invaluable. It's a sampling of the great stuff I've gotten from him since December. And it's why I'm attending his InfoProfit Success Bootcamp this month. Several of my clients/colleagues are also going.

How about you? Will you be there? Here's a link to take you right to all the details to make it happen. Let me know you're going so I can give you a gift of my own -- some personalized laser consulting that will be as powerful for you as Adam's input is for me. http://budurl.com/8sh5

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