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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Booklet Formats - Variation on a Theme

Having a basic template for a booklet is often a good starting point, yet not the finish line. Tips booklets have had a distinct writing style and format for almost two decades. That said, some booklet authors have chosen to modify that writing style and overall format into a variety of presentations and for a variety of reasons.

Certain topics do better with illustrations to further explain the concepts presented in the text. That's one reason to change from text-only. Some booklet authors have made their booklet more interactive, with worksheet pages or checklists. That, too, works well for some subjects. Others have written in a more narrative writing style, which often moves away from being tips as much as philosophical statements. And now that the technology has advanced to the point it has, using more color is more affordable than it's ever been. The overall size of the booklet may merit something different than 4" x 9" if it's meant to be packaged with something that doesn't suit those dimensions.

Like any other business decision, modifying a basic template is a great idea when there's a strategic reason to do it. Does that apply to your booklet?

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