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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Booklets and Other Stuff - Why Don't They Buy?

You may know I'm a huge fan of Marcia Yudkin and her work. This week's Marketing Minute hit the nail on the head so precisely on an issue you've probably had that I couldn't help but bring it to you. Here's her Marketing Minute from this week, in full. Subscribe to it yourself. It's one pearl after another each week.

** The Marketing Minute **
brought to you every Wednesday by Marcia Yudkin
Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker


If you've ever wailed "Why don't they get it?" because
people who clearly need your services don't flock to buy,
try this typology on for size.

Group 1: They have a problem but do not realize they have
a problem.

Group 2: They realize they have a problem but understand it
very differently than you do. For example, you'd diagnose a
midlife crisis, but they consider their wild behavior and
anguish a marital problem or career dilemma.

Group 3: They know they have a problem and understand it
roughly as you would but call it something else.

Group 4: They know they have a problem and understand and
name it as you do.

Members of Group 4 are the easiest to get in the door as
clients. Group 3 are also easily snagged as long as you
discover and use their words.

Group 2 require more imaginative educational outreach, as
they are looking for a different sort of solution or tool
than you offer.

Stop trying to reach Group 1, the oblivious, as they will
never seek you out or respond to your marketing.


RESIZZLE YOUR BUSINESS: Last week's Marketing Minute
prompted several emails from readers wondering how they can
revamp their business with a more current rationale. I'm
putting together an intensive "rebrand your business"
coaching program this summer for a limited number of

To receive the description of the program in a few days,
press "reply" and tell me your marketing challenge.

Missed last week's Marketing Minute? You can find it at
http://www.yudkin.com/markmin.htm .


IMPLEMENT A PLAN: If your business is properly positioned
but you're flailing (and therefore failing) in marketing it,
my mini-marketing plan gives you feasible, coherent to-do's
tailored to your goals and target audience.


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So, do YOU get it?

Until next time,
Paulette - who loves learning from colleagues like Marcia

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