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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Booklets Worldwide

Do you view your booklet, business, and life as something that happens within a small range of zip codes or postal codes? It's almost impossible for that to be the case these days, whether you ever come out from behind your computer keyboard or not.

1994 was when I first got online. Within 3 days, a post on a forum jumped out from a guy in Italy. Several thousand dollars got wired directly to my checking account 18 months later to license my booklet into the Italian language. This past December, and again this past weekend, I met two different people from Italy at live workshop events I attended. Because the Italian language license had long expired, I was able to revisit the possibility of issuing another Italian license for that booklet. I have yet to visit Italy, though there are now some people to see when I do. My booklet, however, will be visiting Italy.

The same happened with a Dutch language license of the same booklet. A few years ago someone in Holland heard an archived audio file of an online radio interview I did. The Dutch person emailed to inquire about licensing the booklet into the Dutch language. This past weekend there was a different person from Holland attending the live workshop I attended, allowing us to discuss the possibility of a new Dutch language license for the booklet. While I've had the pleasure of visiting Holland once a couple years ago on vacation, these deals happened or may happen without ever getting on an airplane.

Someone was at the workshop this weekend from Singapore. I was able to make an introduction for that person to a client of mine who also lives in Singapore.

Think beyond, no matter where you are in your process. There's always more -- ALWAYS.

Until next time,
Paulette - open to possibilities worldwide

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