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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Booklet on Tips for Parenting

Amazing grasp of the obvious alert: Some booklet topics have broader appeal than others. The breadth of the topic can be the good news or the bad news, depending on how you approach it. You've certainly heard about the importance of creating a niche, of narrowing your focus. Right now there is a Collection of Experts tips booklet forming, bringing together the respective niche expertise about parenting. It's a fascinating process for me to observe and to facilitate. The most obvious divisions are based on the ages they are discussing. Additional divisions are within those age groups, based on challenges to address. It becomes a matter of endless possibilities. Half the 14 slots in this booklet are filled, and going fast. If your expertise is about parenting, grab one of the places for yourself. And you get some freebie things for participating, too, along with 13 other people marketing you. Let me know any questions you have, or just jump right in through the link on Parenting Tips at the bottom of www.CollectionOfExperts.com

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