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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tips Booklets - Who Turned Up the Volume?

The past two weekends have been unusual. It's been a lot of sensory overload, with tons and tons of ideas. Ok, so it's not possible to truly weigh ideas. That wasn't meant to be literal. Anyway, two weekends of multi-day events about marketing, attended as a student. The good news is the dozens and dozens of new connections (both nationally and internationally, by the way) and ways of looking at what can be done. Lots of "what," with some "how" thrown in.

Yes, I know I shared with you last week about the first of these two weekends. Read on to get the full dosage, though.

It's important to shake things up once in awhile, especially these days. One of several themes going on at these events was the importance, the requirement, of doing things differently than we've done before. It can take a lot to look objectively at what you (and I) do and have done for a long time. After all, I do booklets. That's what I do. Yeah, that's swell. And what ELSE do I do?

Years ago while doing my undergrad degree as a classical musician, the president of the college said "you go to a concert to hear two things -- what you like, and what you don't like." Same reason to get out of the office to events like these two. It's a golden opportunity to see some new ways to do things that I would like, and a great chance to see things I don't like.

I found contacts to explore doing international licensing of my booklet, and maybe act as an agent for some other booklets in that same vein. Another person asked if I was interested in customizing my home study course for two particular industries, in substantial quantity. Uh, hell yes! By the way, I had been all too close to that one for way too long to even see that possibility.

Then the Internet. Some of what was discussed has zero appeal to how I'm constructed and what appeals to me. Oher ideas were ones bearing more investigation because they initially resonated. There were speakers who were more and less appealing in what they offered and how they offered it. I went to one of the events because I wanted to meet some of the speakers whose names had been familiar for many years yet we'd never shaken hands.

If you're wondering whether I've decompressed from all of this yet, it's a resounding NO. Bits and pieces are getting done while savoring several of the ideas I want to implement sooner rather than later.

In a few weeks, I'll be in NYC for the week, presenting some workshops this time. You better believe you'll learn a whole lot more than the last time you were at one of my sessions! Here's the link to sign up today for the NYC workshop. You'll definitely want to be there.


Next time you've run out of ideas or into a wall, go to a workshop. Meet some people. Get some new ideas. Then you can figure out what to do first!

Until next time,
Paulette - happy to have gone

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