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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Learn About Bits and Booklets from Costco

Because you are such a wealth of information, frequently the big challenge is deciding what to include in a tips booklet, whether it's one you're doing yourself, or a page of 5 tips in a Collection of Experts. After all, you've got all this stuff to share with the world, and want to give people the best of what you've got.

NEWS FLASH: The very best you can give your people is a small taste of what you have so they can digest that, feel great, and want more from you.

It's the Costco phenomenon. If you're unfamiliar with Costco, it's a large warehouse store where people pay an annual membership fee to be able to shop there for many different food and non-food products in bulk that often cost less than you'll find at other places. On Saturdays (and maybe other days of the week, too, I don't know), you can sample small bits of various foods Costco sells. It's all cut into small pieces, and each week it's a different range of products.

Why do they do this? So you'll literally get that taste in your mouth and want (to buy) more. Makes sense, doesn't it? After all, they sell thousands and thousands of items, yet they give small tastes of just a few each week. You can, too.

Give people a small taste of what you have so they will want more. It works for Costco and will work for you, too.

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