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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blogs, Booklets, and PDF Tool

Two new resources to share with you today. One is about production and the other about promotion.

For production - www.mergePDF.net

It's a free and very, very, very easy tool to combine PDFs into one PDF, in about a quarter of a second. So, no cost, no time, no brainer. Why this is useful? What about bundling some of your booklets, special reports, or other products currently in PDF format to make one larger product -- one with a higher value and higher price? By the way, the topic of Bundling Your Products for Bigger Bucks is what our Expert Interview is about in July at www.PublishingProsperity.com However, I digress. Another reason to bundle your PDFs is that you can deliver multiple PDFs as one as a download through your shopping cart. I like that, and you will, too.

The other resource is for promotion. Since you're reading this blog, it means you have some level of interest in blogs, and, hopefully also about promotion. Cathy Stucker, the Idea Lady, has developed a great (also free) service related to blogs. You can be a guest blogger, request blog contributions, or ask for product reviews. Check it out for yourself at http://BloggerLinkUp.com

Until next time,

Paulette - who is very excited to discover both these resources because of the positive overall impact on business

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