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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Booklets and Blunders

Have you ever goofed in your business? C'mon, even a small goof? If you think you haven't, you're either smoothing over something (aka telling yourself a bit of a story) or you're one of the very cautious people who takes as few risks as humanly possible once you've taken the risk of getting out of bed in the morning.

The fact is (and yes, it's a fact) that there are endless possibilities of ways you can blunder with booklets and, well, in your business overall. It can be everything from a typo, an upside down page at the bindery, a wrong color on a customized job, a misplaced whatever, and on and on. We need not spend more time or real estate focusing on what can go awry.

What matters and what will always matter is what happens next. How do you handle it? What do you do about the blunder? Some blunders provide the chance for a larger sale, a better relationship with the client, a new skill to be able to upgrade a product, a different way of streamlining your business.

Yes, things happen. What you do about them is really all that matters, even when you've done your best to have it all go smoothly in the first place.

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