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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Booklets - The Curse of Many Ideas

Whether you're struggling to narrow your booklet content to 3500 words or you're looking for the ideal starting place to sell your booklets, your best bet is to focus first and expand later. You've heard it said that when you think everyone is your market it means no one is your market. That's true for your content and for your marketing activities.

What many booklet authors seem to overlook is that you can always do more later. Your 16-page booklet can be expanded to larger products that go into greater depth than a booklet. Or you can do a series of booklets on other aspects of your expertise.

Your marketing can start with one industry or specialty and go on to others after that. You have more to gain than to lose by doing this. Those opportunities will still be there later. And if, per chance, they're not, then they probably would have disappeared anyway! People need to see themselves as your ideal client for them to be comfortable investing in what you've got. Too many choices means confusion means no sale.

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