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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Why a TIPS booklet?

People have periodically asked me if they could do a booklet that has little stories in it or is made up of quotes or poems. They wonder how or if that would work. My answer is yes, it could work just as much as tips work. It's just a completely different intention for the content, though the marketing applications could be the same.

A tips booklet is intended to directly instruct the reader about something. It's not to say stories, quotes, or poems wouldn't be instructional. They are probably a little less direct though. The reader also has a preferred learning style. Some people just want to get right to the point. Others like to be lulled into learning (now that's a turn of a phrase, isn't it?). Yet others are not interested in learning as much as wanting primarily to be entertained or to find some escapism.

The booklets can be sold in bulk as promotional tools for companies and associations just as a tips booklet would be. Many companies and associations buy books of every size and subject to use as gifts and promotional items. So the marketing would be the same no matter what your content.

Like everything else in life, there really isn't one size that fits all. However, my work since 1991 has been all about tips booklets, which are perfect for the "bottom line" kinda person I am.

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