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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your (Booklet) Baby Is Ugly

Over the years, I've learned the wisdom in not telling a booklet author their (booklet) baby is ugly. I'll sincerely and authentically congratulate someone on what they accomplished in creating their booklet, and then offer a suggestion about how they can present their good knowledge differently (i.e. better) by seeking the talents of (1) a professional editor, and (2) a professional graphic designer.

These are not extras. These are basic requirements. That is, of course, unless you have zero interest in attracting high quality clients who will pay good money for your products and/or services.

Put yourself in the corporate or bulk buyer's shoes. You receive a booklet, either printed or PDF, that was poorly edited (has typos, run-on sentences, lots of negatives to start the tips, inconsistent writing style, disorganized content, an intro that is only about the author without any benefit statements to the reader, to name a few), and was done by the author in a Word document (amateurish spacing, all Times Roman or Comic Sans font, graphic elements obviously amateurish).

Whether the written word has merit or not, you as the potential buyer are left, at best, with a conflicting impression of the person and their business. Common wisdom dictates that a confused mind says "no." And even if the buyer does make a purchase, it's a strong likelihood you are not coming out as an A-level player that translates into A-level money.

Cutting corners on editing and design is clearly a case of penny wise, pound foolish. You'll find referrals to our editors and graphic designer at: www.tipsbooklets.com/index.php?page=vendors.htm Contact them. Make your baby the best it can be so you reap the biggest rewards that are available to you.

Until next time,
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