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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Give Your Booklet Away to Make Money

Today was the first of the 3-part Booklet Author Success series. It was even more fun than I thought it would be. That speaks to the difference between creating something in a vacuum and then putting it into real time. I mapped out 4 questions for each of he 3 booklet authors, including a completely open-ended question, providing a certain framework, and then let it rip. Each of the 3 booklet authors not only brought their unique perspective to the conversation, they added things I had overlooked, and we all shared some chuckles along the way.

One of the big things I originally overlooked was the technique of giving away the booklet, in printed copy or as a download, as a way to generate other sales in your business. Years ago I had a client who did that very successfully with his family law practice. He strategically gave copies of his booklet about ways to diffuse the battle of divorce to professionals who were in a good position to refer the level of client he was seeking. That meant judges, mediators, therapists.

Today, Caleb Scoville of www.northbankaudio.com talked about some promotional campaigns he recently did where he focused on the collaborative Collection of Experts booklet he was in as a give-away to successfully reconnect with previous clients and prospective clients and generate new business as a result of it. That was, of course, only one of the things he shared with us.

The other two booklet authors on today's call (Peter Thomson from the UK www.PeterThomson.com and Andrew Chapman www.achapman.com) brought completely different experiences to the discussion about product development and big sales. In case you missed this, you can still sign up for the remaining 2 calls in the series, and get downloadable audio recordings and text transcripts of all three calls. Do it now! Just one new idea or perspective could catapult you to heights you never imagined.

Click here to reach the Booklet Author Success series

Until next time,
Paulette - who happily had way more fun today than anticipated

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