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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Booklet Messes Versus Mistakes

There is no difference between a mess and a mistake, in my opinion. Here's why I say that. In both situations, you and I make the best choices based on the information and resources we have. Then it turns out differently than we expected. After all, do you wake up in the morning and declare you're going to make 4 "wrong" choices (aka "mistakes") today? I sure don't. We make the best choices we can, with the information and resources we have at that time.

Many consultants talk about making your mess your message. That means teaching others how to do it differently than you did so they increase the odds of a better result.

When I think back over the past couple decades to the things that turned out differently than I thought they would in my booklet journey, without exception, it was because I was missing some information or other resources. Once that was changed, so were the results.

So yes, I teach people how to go down roads that don't have the same potholes I fell into, to get better results quicker. Your first-hand experiences and observations of other people's experiences may well be the basis of your booklet journey, too.

I personally don't believe in the concept of "mistakes." Each one is actually a learning opportunity. Some are more fun and less costly than others, and, some outcomes matter more than others. Is it truly the end of the world if the ink color you wanted came out just a tad off from what you got? 3M's Post-It Notes (plus many other products and services worldwide) happened as "mistakes." Get it? And, well, isn't that what life is about? Rolling with it, and making course corrections along the way.

Until next time,
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