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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Booklet Buyers and Timing

What story are you telling yourself about the perfect time to contact large-quantity buyers? You might be saying it's too late or too early or the wrong time of year or the perfect time of year. In some industries, yes, there is an ideal time to approach them. If you miss it, you'll probably need to wait a year for the next point in their cycle. Calendar companies are a perfect example of that. They are more than a year ahead in planning, manufacturing, and distributing their calendars. If you have a booklet or other product you want a calendar company to consider, that's the kind of lead time you're looking at.

Sometimes logic gets in the way of taking action rather than supports it. A booklet author who wrote a booklet for college students was happily surprised when a college made a fast decision to purchase a quantity of his booklets in the spring for the incoming students arriving in late summer. The entire transaction took about 6 weeks - record speed for such a purchase. Other colleges could have a similar process that happens in January or some other point in the year. This particular one happened in the spring.

Let your clients and prospective clients be the ones to tell you what their timing is about rather than you attempting to second-guess it. Stay in motion, filling your pipeline with people and organizations who are interested in what you have when they are ready.

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