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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cut Corners and Cut Booklet Sales

  • "I can edit and layout my booklet to make it more cost effective for me."
  • "I have a friend/neighbor/relative who can edit and design my booklet."
  • "My booklet is simple enough it doesn't need a graphic designer or editor."
If you have thought or said any of the above three statements or any variation of them, you are at high risk of shooting yourself in the foot, one foot at a time. It is a difficult thing to edit your own work. In fact, the editors I refer booklet and other written work to actually hire other people to edit anything they themselves write. That's partly because there are numerous specialties within the discipline of editing and it's also because the person who created the document is too close to see it objectively. We're talking about more than only proofreading, though that's very important, too.

And about the layout, it is nothing short of penny wise and pound foolish to think you can do your content the justice it deserves with an amateurish attempt at using the features of Microsoft Word to create some numbered pages and a couple of columns, with some graphic elements thrown in. You may get a pardon in this rant if you are, in fact, already a graphic designer or very well versed with a publishing software product.

Otherwise, do yourself the service of hiring people who do these things every day of the world so your content is presented at the high level it deserves. You'll find referrals to our tried and tested excellent service providers at
You will make more sales when your good content is presented as well as possible.

Until next time,
Paulette - who has seen fewer and fewer catastrophes over the years as people learned how important this is

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