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Friday, October 09, 2009

How to Talk to a Large-Quantity Booklet Buyer

"I've got something that will help your company/association make more money."

How would that grab your attention when someone starts a conversation with you that way? I'd probably at least let them get another sentence or two out, wouldn't you? It's all about the buyer and the buyer's needs/wants -- and it always will be.

It's about getting some idea of what may be helpful to them, and then verifying that with them. Yes, it can and is as simple as that. The size of the booklet, the length of it, the number of pages, the cover design, the number of ink colors on the cover are all much later in the conversation.

First it is and will always be about how your product can make your buyer's life more (revenue/profit), better (position out in the world), or different (from their competition). When you address the buyer's wants and/or needs, you start a relationship, one that can last for years.

Until next time,
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